Boilers are a hard-working component of many commercial and industrial hot water heating systems for schools, hotels, malls, businesses and industrial facilities. With wear-and-tear over the years, there does come a time in which your boiler will need replacing. Here are some signs that that time is now, from the commercial boiler experts at Tri-Tech Energy.

  1. Age: Even if you follow all the rules for maintaining and using your boiler, eventually it’s age will catch up to it. Condensing boilers have a lifespan of around 15 years, while cast iron boilers can last up to 30. If your boiler is nearing its age limit, it’s a good time to start looking at replacements – rather than waiting for a breakdown.
  2. Leaking: Leaks can happen for many reasons, including easily fixable issues like a poorly tightened valve, but frequent or severe leaks can mean it’s best to replace the boiler unit entirely. In the case of a severe leak, your facility can be flooded, which is a serious safety issue for employees and clients, as well as causing damage to your building and contents. This makes it very important to have regular checks for leaks, and to replace units that are in danger of bursting.
  3. Energy costs are on the increase: If you’re noticing higher than usual utility costs, your boiler could be to blame. It may not be operating at full capacity and require repairs to get its performance back on track, and these repairs can quickly become frequent. As technology advances, so new boilers are increasing in their efficiency and using less energy to supply a heating system. Your boiler may be out-of-date enough to cause much higher energy costs than a new machine would incur, and can make upgrading a very budget-friendly choice.
  4. Noises: Boilers aren’t very quiet, but loud banging or clanging is a sign that something is definitely wrong. This could be a blockage or pressure issue, and may require repairs or a boiler replacement if the issue is severe enough.
  5. Inconsistent heating: Your heating system should deliver an even, consistent temperature throughout your building – you shouldn’t have clients on one side feeling comfortable while others are freezing. If you notice inconsistent heating in parts of the building or at certain times of the day, your boiler certainly could need replacing.

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