Building operations managers have a lot of responsibilities on their plates. Making sure that the HVAC system is installed and maintenance is up-to-date is just one of these many responsibilities, but it’s one that is critical to health and safety as well as productivity. Here are some insights into the importance of proper ventilation in your building, from suppliers of commercial exhaust fans in NJ.

Improved Indoor Air Quality and Health

In apartment buildings and office complexes, the air quality can become worse inside the structure than outside. This is because buildings trap fumes, carbon dioxide and pollution. A poorly maintained commercial HVAC system can make this situation much worse, as damaged filters will let in more pollutants from outside and condensate leaks can lead to the growth of mold and bacteria that will then be circulated throughout the building. This can quickly result in complaints from tenants about unpleasant smells, stuffiness, allergies and respiratory problems.

In commercial buildings like hotels, retail centers and office buildings, poor air quality has been shown to negatively affect productivity, lead to high tenant turnover and – understandably – scaring away new tenants, customers and clients.

Ventilation is Critical to Safety

Poor ventilation in commercial buildings where there are kitchens, large-scale heating systems or fumes from manufacturing processes require quality ventilation in order to meet safety codes. Quality commercial exhaust fans direct fumes, water vapor and smells out of the building, preventing them from contaminating the space and compromising the health and safety of the people within it. 

Without operational exhaust systems connected to a ventilation system, tenants are vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal. This makes it critical to have your commercial exhaust and heating system professionally inspected and maintained before the winter months set in.

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