One of the main responsibilities of a building operations manager or facilities manager is to ensure that guests and tenants in hotels and apartment buildings have a good supply of fresh, clean air in their space. Commercial exhaust fans are an essential part of this air supply system, helping to create an environment that is healthy, pleasant, and productive. Here’s how they achieve this, from installers of commercial exhaust fans in New Jersey.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Large buildings in cities throughout the world can suffer from something known as Sick Building Syndrome, where the air quality inside the building is actually worse than the air outside. This is because, without the right ventilation system pumping in clean fresh air and effectively removing stale air, the building becomes a trap for fumes, water vapor, pollution, and carbon dioxide. 

When the HVAC systems have insufficient or poorly-maintained commercial exhaust fans, poor quality air can’t be removed quickly enough from the building. Research has shown that this negatively impacts productivity, client turnover, reputation, and overall profitability, as well as leading to maintenance issues caused by damp and poor air quality.

Safety for Guests and Tenants

Poor ventilation in commercial buildings doesn’t just mean complaints from tenants and guests about stale and unpleasant smells, it also affects the health and well being of the people within your building, including your staff. Ventilation systems that are ineffective or poorly maintained can’t remove water vapor effectively, so they can become infested with mold and debris, which aggravates respiratory conditions like asthma. 

In apartment buildings and buildings with restaurants, high-quality commercial exhaust fans are required as part of the building code. This is, in part, to ensure cooking smells and water vapor are vented safely out of the building. In addition, without a good ventilation system, your guests, tenants, and staff are vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning – which can easily become fatal.

Protect Your Reputation

Hotels, restaurants, and apartment buildings rely heavily on their reputation in order to be profitable investments and businesses. Unfortunately, your reputation is at severe risk if you are not putting the comfort, health, and safety of the people who utilize your building first. Fortunately, it is easy to ensure that your commercial ventilation system is up to code and in great repair by making use of our experienced commercial HVAC contractors.

HVAC Services and Commercial Exhaust Fans in New Jersey – Professional Services, 24/7

A commercial HVAC company in NJ with the right experience, like Tri-Tech Energy, will not only be able to quickly find the issue with your HVAC system and to repair it, but will also help you ensure that your system keeps running smoothly in the future. 

In addition to our HVAC repair and maintenance services, our commercial HVAC contractors also offer domestic hot water systems services, commercial HVAC ductwork insulation, and 24-hour emergency repair services. 

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