Employee productivity is a primary focus for businesses in every industry, and millions of dollars are spent each year to train managers, inspire employees, and create productive workspaces in an effort to get ahead. But one area that’s often overlooked as a contributor to productivity is the quality of the air inside your building.

Is your commercial space suffering from Sick Building Syndrome? 

SBS, or Sick Building Syndrome, is an actual term used to describe a situation where employees, clients and other individuals within a building experience negative health and wellness issues that don’t occur outside the workplace. Symptoms include everything from headaches and eye, nose and throat irritation, to fatigue and dizziness, which tend to lessen or go away completely when out of the building’s environment.

This issue has strong links to the air quality inside the building. Flaws in the building’s ductwork or ventilation systems as well as lack of air purification systems can lead to air that is stuffy, humid, smelly, and often contaminated by VOCs, mold spores, CO2 allergens and even exhaust fumes. Even equipment like photocopiers, printers, lighting and refrigerators can affect indoor air quality significantly, especially in a closed-off space. These issues are especially prevalent in older buildings, where decades of wear-and-tear and lack of maintenance and repairs has resulted in highly contaminated and damaged ductwork and poorly functioning ventilation systems.  In some cases, old buildings have been refitted with new, modern office spaces – but the ventilation system itself has been left in its out-of-date configuration or poorly adapted, allowing poor quality air to flow through the new environment.

Invest in a more productive 2018 with fresh, clean, air handling systems and expertly upgraded HVAC projects

If you want to invest in your company’s productivity this year, then clean, fresh air and new HVAC components could be your answer. At Tri-Tech Energy, Inc. we specialize in a wide range of commercial HVAC services, including ductwork and ventilation services. While we often work on new, large-scale construction projects, we also specialize in retrofitting the systems of older buildings. We pride ourselves on our ability to take on even the biggest and most complex systems in old buildings utilizing our unique knowledge and experience to solve complex retrofit challenges without breaking the bank. For example, installing an outside air economizer is one option.  This is a service that most other commercial HVAC companies can’t offer.

For more information on the commercial HVAC and general mechanical services that we offer, please contact us today or visit our website at https://tritechenergy.com/