Almost every business property contains commercial HVAC ductwork and equipment and, although it is hidden away out of sight and out of mind, we rely on it each and every day to deliver fresh cool and warm air as needed. As buildings get older and functionality changes, so they are remodeled and re-fitted to meet the new demands of occupants – and the ductwork within them has to be adapted to avoid airflow problems within the building. Retrofitting is a cost-effective way to bring existing HVAC systems up-to-date to meet new demands without having to replace a working HVAC system in its entirety – but it does come with its own challenges.

  • Each HVAC system is unique: Older HVAC systems have had parts replaced, added to them, upgraded, tweaked and repaired over many years, so the system you’re dealing with is a unique mix of components. It takes an experienced commercial HVAC contractor to properly evaluate and design a retrofit for a complex system.
  • Working – but not efficient: Energy-efficiency is vital for keeping building running costs down as well as having a smaller impact on the environment. Many components of an old HVAC system may be in working order, but their technology is outdated and they use far more energy than a new component to do the same job. Your commercial HVAC contractor should be able to evaluate these components and suggest new models for your retrofit that will work with your existing system and budget.
  • Customization: Modern HVAC systems are designed to be installed in a certain way and new buildings are designed to incorporate this with ease. In a retrofit, there’s a lot more customization of ductwork required in order to create an efficient and functional commercial HVAC system – and the older the building, the more complicated and customize it will be.

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