Almost every single commercial and industrial building contains HVAC equipment to circulate and regulate airflow. One of the largest and most critical components is commercial HVAC ductwork that snakes through buildings, behind walls, ceilings, etc. Here are some of the most common issues that commercial HVAC contractors find when performing maintenance on this equipment that can cause increased operational and repair costs.

  1. Wear: Everything has a lifespan and, over the years, fiberglass and insulation materials start to degrade. This can be accelerated by water pooling on low spots, UV exposure, and damage from animals and insects.
  2. Contamination of air: Mold and mildew thrive in dark, moist environments so it’s common to find it in HVAC ductwork. Without regular maintenance and cleaning, mold spores travel through your building’s air supply and can lead to unpleasant smells as well as aggravating respiratory conditions.
  3. Moisture penetration: Water is one of the most corrosive and damaging elements any building can face, and ductwork is a particularly vulnerable spot for moisture penetration. Moisture can enter the system though very small cracks, compromising the fiberglass insulation and the system’s ability to heat your building properly.
  4. Air exfiltration: Cracks in ductwork also lead to air leakages from the system, as the pressure from the air circulation system pushes the cooled or heated air out into ceilings rather than directing it to where it should go, reducing heating and cooling efficiency.
  5. Poor design: Commercial HVAC ductwork needs to be properly designed to fit the needs of a building, but the reality is that many systems have been installed without proper consideration. Other systems have been added to or changed in bits and pieces as the building has changed without taking into account the overall capabilities of the original system. This leads to significant inefficiencies and regular repairs or upgrades as the system struggles to cope with a patchwork of poorly designed ductwork.

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