While commercial domestic hot water systems are built to withstand heavy use, they’re not immune to problems. Watching out for the following issues is the key to early detection, allowing you to call in the specialists before bigger, more expensive problems – or even a complete breakdown – occurs:

Insufficient supply:

Every commercial boiler system has a limitation on how much hot water it can supply. If demand hasn’t increased but you’re running out of hot water, your boiler needs to be professionally evaluated. The low output could be the result of the following:

  • Sediment has been building up in the tank over the years,
  • A clog in the system may have developed, and/or
  • A key component may be malfunctioning.


It is important to physically take a look at your commercial boiler system on a regular basis to check for leaks – and any leaks or pooled water around the boiler must not be ignored. Even a small leak in the boiler system can cause significant damage and eventually lead to the entire tank bursting.

Inconsistent Temperature:

Once set, the temperature of the water delivered by your system should be consistent and reliable. If it starts to fluctuate, it is a sign that something significant is going wrong. 

Unusual Noises:

Any strange noises from your system, including gurgling, knocking or whistling, needs to be investigated as it can be the result of air entering your system. Other reasons for usual noises include low pressure and lime scale buildup on the heat exchange, both of which require professional attention.

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