Commercial boiler systems are one of the hardest working systems, whether in apartment buildings, hotels, resorts or office buildings. As any facilities manager knows, there are few things that are as critical as ensuring that downtime for this system is minimized and that it’s performing at its most effective and most energy-efficient levels. Key to achieving this is following a comprehensive preventative maintenance and boiler service strategy. Here is a checklist to keep your boiler system in top condition, from commercial HVAC contractors in NJ.

Why Service Your Commercial Boiler System?

First of all, it’s important to look at why commercial boiler systems need annual maintenance:

  • Legal:
    Commercial boiler systems are powerful and, if they are not in good repair, can be dangerous to staff, guests, and tenants. As a result, it is essential that all commercial boiler systems are kept legally compliant by following preventative maintenance guidelines set out by the manufacturer.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    These systems account for a significant proportion of your building’s energy usage. When systems are not serviced or kept in good repair, they start to use more fuel to deliver the correct amount of heating, which leads to increased costs.
  • Damage Prevention:
    When commercial boiler systems aren’t regularly serviced, it’s easy for small problems to go unnoticed. That is, until they become major issues that cause not only downtime and complaints, but that are also costly to repair.

Your Commercial Boiler System Checklist

When performing a boiler service, your commercial HVAC contractor can perform the following:

  • A Visual Check:
    Ensuring that there are no leaks, that the unit, casing, pipework, and surrounding are in good condition and compliant.
  • Combustion Check:
    The boiler flame can reveal issues with the system. It should be steady and blue in color. A yellow or red flame can indicate incomplete combustion (which results in the release of carbon monoxide), while a stuttering flame could indicate a blockage in the pipes, for example.
  • A Unit Inspection:
    This involves opening the unit and inspecting each component, including the filters, safety valves, seals, and the heat exchanger. The unit will also be cleaned of sediment and scale.
  • Comprehensive Testing:
    The technician will run tests on the system and its components to ensure everything is in working order and is running efficiently. This includes checking for even burn, correct gas pressure, checking the flues, and testing the header. They will also bleed air from the system to ensure optimal efficiency. Any new or repaired components will be tested thoroughly for safety and performance.

Professional Services for Commercial Boiler Systems in New Jersey

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