While the commercial heating system industry isn’t transforming at the same rapid pace as say, smartphones, tech is definitely having an impact. Boilers are becoming smarter, like many appliances in commercial applications. And, therefore, getting on board with these changes can have a significant positive effect on your business. Here’s some insight into advanced heating control systems and their benefits, from commercial HVAC contractors in NJ.

Modern Heating Controls Mean Energy Efficiency and Lower Costs

Many commercial and industrial facilities make use of commercial boilers to produce steam and heat for process heating or space heating, and the efficiency of these commercial heating systems carries serious cost implications. In fact, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, space heating alone accounts for a massive 25% of total energy usage in commercial buildings. Of course, heating use differs widely according to building type, use, and location, with older buildings and their older heating systems in cold climates naturally using more than counterparts that are more modern or in warmer zones.

Modern heating controls are one very effective way of improving the efficiency of a commercial heating system, leading to effective reductions in monthly operating costs. Boiler controls have come a long way from a simple on and off switch. These days, boiler controls include complex programming options that you can use to tailor the performance to the building’s exact heating requirements, effectively reducing waste.

These systems are also designed to be easily integrated into a wider, comprehensive environmental control system for the building. For example, these controls enable communication between commercial heating systems and different zones of a building, allowing you to create different zones for different heating needs. This means that heat is supplied only where and when it is needed.

These controls are also designed to be multitaskers, handling multiple aspects of your commercial heating system automatically, with minimal input from building managers. For example, they can optimize heat output for multiple zones, adjusting it according to preset settings or in response to information sent to the system by sensors in each zone. 

This smart approach also allows the system to monitor its performance in more detail, sending data back to building managers for analysis. It will also alert them in the event of a malfunction or non-optimal performance, thus, ensuring issues are noticed and corrected before they become costly problems or result in facility downtime. It’s all about a seamless, energy-efficient operation that leads to long-term savings.

Implement Effective, Smart Heating Controls for Commercial Heating Systems in NJ

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