Thinking about HVAC ductwork as an architectural feature may be a stretch for some. After all, in our homes, we spend a lot of effort trying to cover it up with walls, drop ceilings, big bulging soffits, etc… But in the commercial world, designers have long embraced ductwork as another opportunity to merge form with function when simply hiding it is not an option.

Tri-Tech is no stranger to partnerships with Architects, builders, and designers. In applications where aesthetics of both form and function are important, we know how to design and build commercial ductwork solutions that provide proper distributed airflow, maintain all state and local building codes, and provide aesthetic considerations that will allow exposed ductwork to integrate well into your building.

Ductwork Retrofit for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Ductwork

Old or filthy ductwork is a health hazard, plain and simple. Ductwork and ventilation systems need to operate well for you building to be safe and comfortable. Improperly sized or functioning systems can lead to pressure imbalances, hot or cold

spots, unhealthy humidity levels, and poor indoor air quality.

With decades of experience installing HVAC upgrades in old apartment buildings, churches, hotels and resorts, there aren’t many tricks we don’t know for getting an upgraded  HVAC ductwork system into an older building in the most cost effective manner.


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