Owning or operating a building with old HVAC systems comes with a wide range of expenses and responsibilities, especially when it comes to repairs and maintenance from commercial HVAC contractors. The cost to replace HFC refrigerants is substantially higher than the newer refrigerants.

The Cost of Harmful Refrigerants is Higher Than You Think, Say Commercial HVAC Contractors

Old refrigerants and prohibited refrigerants aren’t just harmful to the environment – they’re targeted by EPA policies that carry stiff fines for businesses and HVAC contractors not conforming to new regulations.

These old refrigerants are classified as Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS), and as such are regulated as Class I or Class II controlled substances. R-22, for example, is a Class II controlled substance as it contains hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). This and other old refrigerants are currently being phased out and will become illegal on January 1, 2020.

How Can Old Refrigerants be Safely Removed from My Building?

The recovery, removal and disposal of old refrigerants is not a simple matter and should be handled by your commercial HVAC contractor to ensure that it is done safely and in line with EPA policies.  Tri-Tech is licensed to remove, reclaim and recover refrigerants.

Your system can then be either equipped with a new, compliant refrigerant if possible, or it will have to be replaced with a new HVAC system that is able to utilize the new refrigerant. One of the upsides of this expense is that you’ll save in the long-run, as new commercial HVAC systems offer significant cost savings through exceptional customization, control and energy-efficiency.

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