Many industries operate 24/7 with machinery running constantly. Much of this equipment generates heat, both internal to the machine, and to the surrounding factory floor, generating elevated temperatures within the facility. These higher temperatures can contribute to machinery overheating, lubricants breaking down, not to mention affecting the comfort and safety of employees. Every industry has different problems in this regard as their machines and processes all vary. While many require custom solutions, there are a few general practices that operation managers should keep in mind when setting up or running their floor.

  • Install ceiling-mounted fans: Facilitating air flow within the building is a critical part of effective cooling. Ceiling-mounted fans will break up pockets of hot air trapped in the roof area and can lower temperature by around 7%. High volume, low speed fans are best for this application, especially if they’re programmable and working in tandem with your commercial HVAC system. This takes load pressure off your HVAC system and can help you achieve more energy-efficient cooling.
  • Zoned cooling: Very few commercial and industrial buildings require the same, intense level of cooling throughout. For example, a factory floor has different requirements to your factory office space. By regulating cooling by setting different temperatures for different zones by using programmable thermostats and controls, you can maximize energy-efficiency and comfort, reducing operating costs and boosting productivity. An experienced commercial heating/cooling contractor like Tri-Tech has a wealth of techniques and custom designed solutions for these operating challenges.

Customized Commercial Ventilation Systems from Tri-Tech Energy

At Tri-Tech Energy, commercial HVAC and commercial ductwork and ventilation systems are our specialty. With over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we are able to assist our commercial and industrial clients with all aspects of their building’s system, from repairs and maintenance to developing custom heating systems for re-fitted or new buildings. We also do commercial HVAC ductwork insulation for additional energy-efficiency. For more information on our company or services, please contact us today or visit our website at