It’s Fall, and that means that icy New Jersey winters are on their way. Just like homes, commercial properties should be prepared for the coldest months to ensure that their heating and ventilation systems run smoothly. Here are some tips from your commercial HVAC contractor.

  • Replace air filters: Your system will work hard through the winter – and clogged or dirty air filters will only make it work harder, making your energy bills increase significantly. The additional stress on your system will also lead to greater wear-and-tear on the system components which can lead to poor heating and repairs. New filters mean lower stress on your system, better heating results and healthy, clean air for everyone inside.
  • Seal your building: This is important for reducing cooling as well as heating costs, leading to year-round savings. Check for air leaks around doors and windows, install entrance doors that minimize air leakage and drafts, and invest in insulation from head to toe. People indoors will be more comfortable and productive while your system saves money.
  • Check your thermostat: Even the most advanced thermostat can fail and a simple check of this piece of equipment can save thousands in heating costs. Make sure that the sensors are in good working order and make sure your heating configurations are properly set.
  • Don’t wait: The busiest time of the year for commercial HVAC contractors is the first snow fall and everyone realizes that their system isn’t coping – this means that wait times for service, parts and repairs gets longer. Instead, have your system professionally checked early in the Fall so that you may not have to suffer any downtime or chilly emergency situations.

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