Measuring indoor air quality is essential to ensuring that the people working in, living in and visiting your building are breathing clean, healthy air. The reality is that the air in commercial buildings can easily drop in quality, whether it’s as a result of poor ventilation, environmental contaminants, mold or even exhaust venting problems. Regular air quality checks, as well as ensuring that your commercial HVAC contractor regularly services your ventilation ducts and equipment helps ensure good quality air, lower absenteeism, reduced downtime and even a boost in productivity.

What is Good Air Quality?

The definition of good air quality is that it is of a comfortable temperature and humidity range, includes an adequate supply of fresh air from the outdoors and is free of pollutants that originate both inside and outside of the building. Common issues that compromise air quality include insufficient ventilation, leaks and dampness, occupant activities that release pollutants in to the air, and pollutants/exhaust from the outside environment, which is common in cities.

Health and Safety Regulations for Air Quality in New Jersey

Indoor air quality standards are regulated by the New Jersey Indoor Air Quality Standard and the PEOSH IAQ Standard to ensure businesses and public buildings meet healthy indoor air quality goals. An experienced commercial HVAC contractor can meet with you to evaluate your new project or existing building and develop a strategy that ensures a good flow of clean air through your building that meets these standards.

How to Check the Air Quality of Your Building

Firstly, it is important that you take note of certain indicators that can point to air quality issues, like bad odors, stuffiness, mold, and respiratory sickness complaints from occupants. Your commercial HVAC contractor team can then come in and do a full inspection of your system (this should be done once a year as part of routine maintenance) to discover and repair any leaks, blocked filters or damaged equipment to restore air quality. A preventative maintenance program will help ensure that this standard is maintained at an affordable cost going forward.

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