When you’re managing the operations of a building, efficiency is name of the game. Companies are driving their property to work as hard as the people they employ, pushing for lower operational costs and good environmental practices – and that means that the pressure is on to optimize building efficiency. While some companies have the resources to commission smart buildings and net zero operations, others are simply looking for ways to upgrade or improve current features to achieve an affordable level of efficiency. Regardless of your approach or the size of your building, one critical area in which to focus your efforts is your commercial HVAC system. Here are some insights from leading commercial HVAC contractors in NJ.

Know How Your Commercial HVAC and Commercial Ventilation System Works

Generally, commercial HVAC systems operate in the following way. The units have condenser coils which are responsible for removing heat from the areas the unit is cooling. This is achieved by having air flow over the coils, pushed by a fan in the HVAC unit. The air is brought in from the outside environment, so it’s easy for dirt and dust to come in along with the air itself. This will start to coat and clog the condenser coils which will have to work harder to produce the same amount of cool air, forcing them to use more energy and impacting your utilities costs.

This can surprisingly happen quickly too, especially in city or industrial environments.  Studies have shown that an average airflow reduction of up to 95% can occur in just one year of operation. The result is an overworked HVAC system that is less energy efficient, more likely to breakdown or require repairs, resulting in a reduced lifespan.

Other elements of the HVAC system can also become damaged when debris block the airflow that carries excess heat away, causing the unit to run at a higher temperature and the refrigerant to heat up. This can also degrade refrigerant, shortening its lifespan even further.

Achieve Your Efficiency Goals with Tri-Tech’s Teams of Top HVAC Contractors

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