A commercial HVAC system is a complex and expensive system but eventually, even the best systems will wear out. So, if you’ve invested in a new HVAC system for your retail center, business, hotel or other commercial property, how long can you expect it to last? Here are some insights from a leading commercial HVAC company in NJ.

Factors that Determine the Lifespan of Commercial HVAC Systems

Generally speaking, a commercial HVAC system will last around 10 years with minimal care, which can be extended to around 15 years if it is properly maintained by professionals. Factors that can impact on this lifespan include:

  • The quality of the key components of the system
  • Voltage imbalances in the area
  • The efficiency of the system’s design
  • The quality of the installation of the system
  • The climate where the building is located
  • The usage demands on the system
  • The regularity of maintenance and the expertise of the technicians involved in maintaining and repairing the system

Constant monitoring of the building’s HVAC system is key to staying on top of maintenance issues and tracking the system’s performance. As the system ages, repairs will likely become more regular and efficiency will degrade. At some point, the running costs of the system will make it more cost-effective to do a full replacement. Preventative maintenance and partnering with a skilled commercial HVAC contractor is key to ensuring the longest and most cost-efficient running of your system, so be sure to find a service provider skilled in commercial ventilation systems.

We do it all – Design, Installation, Maintenance and Repairs from Our Commercial HVAC Company in NJ

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