New regulations and customer expectations have led to big changes in how temperature control is managed in commercial buildings. With R-22 refrigerant being phased out with a complete halt of production by 2020, new and innovative technology is stepping in to fill the void and offer more efficient, environmentally-friendly options. One of these is variable refrigerant flow or VRF – here are some insights into this technology from our team of commercial HVAC contractors.

HVAC Technology That Delivers Essential Balance for Commercial Properties

Managing a large commercial building comes with plenty of challenges, but one of the most notable is the balancing act between tenant comfort demands and keeping operational costs down.

VRFs offer a solution to this challenge by having one outdoor compressor unit that can service several indoor fan coils; each set up with their own, individual thermostat. This means that facilities managers can effectively divide their building into independently controlled zones and match temperatures more closely with tenant needs on an individual basis rather than a single temperature that, in reality, suits no one.

The advantages of VRF systems don’t stop there. They are able to fit into smaller spaces than other equipment while offering greater capacity, the compressor can be situated outdoors, and they are designed to be quiet especially when compared to traditional HVAC systems.

They are impressive in terms of efficiency too, due to their flexible approach to providing heating and cooling in different spaces without a significant increase in energy usage. In fact, they are set up to pump heat captured in cooling zones into zones that require heating, putting the heat already in the building to good use. They also support continuous ventilation if placed on a rooftop, cycling off when no load is present.

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