If you spend a lot of time in an office, especially a confined environment that you must share with others, good air quality is very important. Good indoor air quality improves the overall experience of the visitors and occupants of a building in whatever activity they are engaged contributing towards a more productive working environment. Poor indoor air quality contributes to the poor performance of all building occupants causing lost time autofocus and reduced productivity. Some of the symptoms that may be associated with poor indoor air quality are tiredness lack of concentration, headache, dizziness nausea, and irritation to eyes, nose, or throat. Thus, good air quality is a crucial component in the workplace.

Keep reading to learn about a handful of benefits that come with maintaining good indoor air quality.


To create ideal health conditions in the office you have to create the ideal humidity levels. Unfavorable humidity levels can cause an environment to either become extremely dry or incredibly moist. When an office space becomes very dry it creates the perfect environment for airborne viruses to thrive in.  Correct levels of humidity, are between the ranges of 40-60% RH and can minimize the growth of bacteria and the transmission of viruses. On the contrary, levels below 60% RH can cause the air to become too moist, which can lead to the growth of fungi and mites. So it is extremely important to achieve just the right humidity levels


It is essential that your employees feel comfortable in the workplace. Air quality can play a very vital part of this. If your office is structured in such a way that spaces are being shared, it is already an uncomfortable place to be and allows for the spread of viruses and germs. Assuring that the office humidity is at the right level can reduce discomfort, as well as the potential for ailments and bacteria to thrive.


If your employees feel more comfortable in the place that they work they can better focus on their tasks and be more productive. Good air quality can minimize bacteria, mold, and viruses, which means fewer sick days and more working days. When employees constantly have to suffer from allergies, asthma, and the flu, it can affect the entire business operation.

Eliminating allergens ensures that your employees aren’t suffering in the office. Frequent vacuuming, maintaining good office ventilation and air conditioning system keep allergens at bay, filtering out the particles from the outdoor air. Having the right type of filtration and having it properly installed, will make a big difference in how clean your air is.

Don’t let something as simple as air quality negatively impact the productivity and efficiency of your workplace.

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