Hospitals are complex environments that require a unique and considered approach to building operations. One of these aspects is hospital HVAC system design and maintenance. Here are some insights from specialists in commercial HVAC NJ on the importance of having a functional, efficient ventilation and heating control system for hospitals.

The Role of Commercial HVAC Systems in Hospitals

  • Indoor air quality: Hospitals are a challenging environment when it comes to air quality. They need a consistently high indoor air quality to ensure the health of staff and patients – and are also dealing with a high level of airborne germs and contaminants from sick patients and the outdoor environment. This means that HVAC systems need to be functioning properly at all times to ensure a safe environment for all people within it.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene: Hospitals have to stay at the highest levels of cleanliness to ensure that they can provide a high standard of care. This is especially important for hospital wards, clean rooms and operating rooms. Here, air temperature, air pressure, humidity and air filtration all have to be maintained at specific levels for patient comfort and to reduce risk of infection.
  • Minimize bacteria and mold risks: Temperature and humidity levels have to remain consistent throughout the hospital to minimize bacterial growth and the risk of mold, which can endanger the health of patients and staff. HVAC systems have to also be kept clean and well-maintained to prevent mold growth inside the system.
  • Reduce energy costs: Hospitals have to run 24/7 and constantly use equipment and lighting that is a massive drain on energy, so it’s important that efficiencies are introduced wherever possible – including in the HVAC system. A well-designed and maintained can make a considerable impact on energy usage, saving on operational costs.

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