Welcome to 2018! It’s the New Year and, like every year, the team at Tri-Tech Energy is using this fresh start to continue to refine and innovate our offering. So, what can you expect from industry leaders in heating, ventilation and air conditioning this year? Here are some top trends to watch out for.

  • A bigger push for integration: Consumer demand for integrated solutions is everywhere, and the commercial HVAC industry is no exception. This is about more than just an HVAC solution – it’s about bringing industries together to deliver a seamless product. For example, the collaboration between Panasonic and Schneider Electric to deliver a wireless interface solution that allows businesses the ability to control their HVAC equipment, security, and lighting, as well as their power and electrical distribution, from a single system. Think Apple HomeKit, but for far-reaching commercial applications.
  • A focus on air quality: Wellness and employee health are becoming a priority focus for businesses, and it’s not hard to see why – healthier employees enjoy greater job satisfaction, are more productive and take fewer sick days. Great air quality delivered by commercial air purification systems play an important role in creating a healthy office space by eliminating VOCs (volatile organic compounds), reducing air-borne allergens, and keeping air smelling fresh and clean.
  • Smart technology for savings: Smart HVAC technology can be an expensive investment, but the payoffs in terms of long-term savings, energy efficiency and comfort are making it a top trend for the industry in 2018. This can be seen in smart thermostats, for example, which allow temperature to be controlled and adjusted remotely through wireless networks, giving businesses the ability to easily monitor the system’s performance and achieve significant energy savings.
  • Going automated: Facility automation has been a big focus in recent years, and this is set to continue in 2018. Assisted by smart technologies and integrated systems, HVAC solutions are increasingly becoming more automated in terms of their management, control, and reporting mechanisms. This isn’t just about eliminating the hassle of physical facility management – it’s about achieving greater consistency and optimization. These systems run continual diagnosis to identify areas where there are opportunities for fine-tuning the system, where repairs are needed and where the system is under-performing – which is far more cost-effective and efficient than waiting for it to break down, or running needless maintenance.

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