The filters in your commercial HVAC system are responsible for collecting dust, pollen, allergens, odors and other airborne debris, preventing these contaminants from entering your office air supply. It also prevents these particles from entering your HVAC system and damaging the equipment itself. Here’s some advice if you’re experiencing clogged air filters in your commercial building.

Regular Inspection and Replacement

These filters need to be replaced on a regular basis – the general rule is that they should be checked once a month. A visual inspection is usually enough, since the particles are easily visible on the filter. If you hold the filter up to a bright light source and you can’t see through it, it needs replacing.

Incorrect HVAC Filters

HVAC filters come in a range of sizes and types, and they don’t all work in every system. If you aren’t using the correct size or type of filter for your HVAC system, air will move around the filter instead of through it, resulting in a drop in indoor air quality.

When selecting a new filter, follow the MERV Rating Chart. This system rates filters according to their filtration from 1 to 20, with the higher numbers indicating better filtration quality. Usually, commercial HVAC systems have a MERV rating of 8-13, with higher numbers appropriate for clean rooms, laboratories and hospitals.

Poor Airflow Across the Filter

Commercial HVAC control systems can be applied to monitor air flow over the filter through sensors that then report data and possible issues to the building operations manager. A drop in pressure outside the normal range is one such issue that indicates that a filter should be checked and/or replaced.

Seasonal Changes

It is common for commercial HVAC systems to require filter changes more frequently in the warmer months, as this is when cooling systems run more often. There are also more allergens and debris in the air during these seasons, so filters get dirtier more frequently.

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