Large commercial HVAC systems are complex in nature, managing indoor temperature through powerful equipment while also bringing in air from the outdoors, ensuring a high air quality indoors, and safely expelling contaminants and exhaust fumes through filtration systems.

Buildings that typically benefit from commercial HVAC systems are large-scale and include:

  • Schools
  • Apartment buildings
  • High-rise office buildings
  • Retail complexes and shopping malls
  • Government buildings
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Industrial buildings and warehouses

Types of Commercial HVAC Systems

Commercial buildings have a number of interconnected systems that work together to provide individual heating and cooling to each floor or even each segment of a floor. These systems often include:

  • Heaters – Hot air furnaces are a common option that burns fuel (electricity, oil or gas) to heat the air. There are also radiant heaters that utilize infrared radiation technology to heat objects directly.
  • Heat Pumps – These extract heat from the air or water to use for heating and operate like a refrigerator in reverse. There are both air-sourced and water-sourced air pumps for commercial applications and this equipment can assist in creating significant energy savings.
  • Chillers – This equipment generates cool water that is then distributed to air cooling coils via pumping systems to generate cool air.
  • Rooftop Units – These units are placed on the rooftops of taller buildings although they can also be placed at ground level. They connect into the building’s ductwork and distribute air throughout the building and perform a pivotal role in delivering hot and cool air, as well as filtering the air.

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