While many people are looking forward to the coming warm weather of spring, allergy-suffers are dreading it. With the warm weather, pollens and other irritants flood the air outside, causing respiratory issues, running eyes and noses, headaches and more – none of which are good for productivity. Here’s how your partner in commercial HVAC NJ can help.

  • Clean air filters: High-quality air filters will catch pollen, dust, dust mites, smoke and other irritants before the air is distributed through your building. If these filters aren’t cleaned regularly, they’ll stop being effective. Invest in high-efficiency filters with a strong MERV rating and clean every 6 months to ensure no allergens can invade your building.
  • Repair HVAC system leaks: As the air warms up, excess moisture will become a thriving home for mold. Mold doesn’t just create a musty smell in your building, it also triggers allergies and other respiratory conditions, and certain molds are highly toxic. Have a professional do a comprehensive check of your system, repairing leaks and ensuring there’s no moisture available for mold to grow.
  • Measure indoor air quality: Poor indoor air quality can aggravate allergies and make tenants feel ill, a condition known as Sick Building Syndrome. Have your indoor air quality tested for impurities by your commercial HVAC contractor who can develop a unique solution for your building. This may include sealing up air leaks, installing high-quality air filters or repairing ductwork.
  • Keep your HVAC system clean: In addition to cleaning your commercial HVAC system’s air filters, the rooftop unit should be kept clear of debris as well. Regularly sweep away leaves, litter and other debris that accumulate near the unit to ensure optimal air flow as well as optimal HVAC efficiency.

Commercial HVAC NJ: Preventative Maintenance Programs that Ensure Optimal Indoor Air Quality

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