Commercial building owners and managers know the benefits of annual boiler servicing as it generally forms part of a comprehensive maintenance and service strategy. Heating systems cannot suffer downtime. It could put people’s lives at risk, affect the functions of other systems, or cause inconvenience that results in reputational damage. 

Tri-Tech Energy is New Jersey’s premier commercial boiler service, replacement, repair, and maintenance contractor. We have been serving commercial clients throughout New Jersey for more than thirty years and our established customers can expect service 24/7. When you call Tri-Tech, there is a good chance one of our trained experts is nearby and ready to help. In this article, our team will cover why regular boiler maintenance is important, share tasks that must be performed during an annual service visit, and how we can help your boilers ASAP. 

Why Is Regular Boiler Maintenance So Important?  

Why is preventative boiler maintenance throughout the year important? It ensures operational safety, promotes energy efficiency, and contributes to equipment longevity and long-term maintenance cost savings. Commercial boilers have a daily and monthly maintenance checklist to ensure they remain safe and efficient, which reduces energy bills. Tri-Tech can provide the latest energy-efficient commercial heating solutions and automated controls if your focus is optimal energy efficiency and sustainability.

Most heavy-duty commercial boiler systems are designed to last ten to twenty years. A comprehensive maintenance program extends the equipment’s lifespan. Not to mention, regular maintenance inspections identify potential malfunctions such as corrosion and sediment buildup. Giving these types of matter immediate attention prevents damage that could require expensive repairs and even premature tank replacement.

Why Should You Be Getting Your Boiler Serviced? 

Getting your building’s boiler serviced annually is part of a risk management strategy, but could also be required by state regulations and insurance companies. The New Jersey Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Refrigeration Law (BPV & RL) state that boilers must be inspected at 12-month intervals. It is relevant to boilers with capacities that equal or exceed:

  • 10 square feet of heating surface
  • 10 kilowatts or 40,000 Btu per hour when those vessels serve a dwelling unit of six or more families or other dwellings unit that may have accommodations for 25 or more people.

Boilers are a large expense and potential liability. Insurance policies might require companies to take appropriate measures, such as regular maintenance and an annual service, to ensure the boiler is safe to use.

How to Maintain Your Boiler’s Warranty  

The best way to maintain a boiler warranty is to perform regular maintenance and ensure a professional service provider, such as Tri-Tech Energy, does the annual service. Replacing boiler system parts or whole pieces of equipment is expensive, and if you are not compliant with the warranty, you carry the costs yourself. Double-check the warranty conditions when the boiler is installed and ensure all personnel working with the system are aware of the state, local, insurance and warranty requirements.

Boiler and mechanical services provided by Tri-Tech include, commercial boiler seasonal service and tune-up, boiler upgrades and replacements, and heating system assessments for large scale retrofit or new construction.    

What Does an Annual Boiler Service Include with Tri-Tech Energy?  

The details of an annual boiler service depend on the type of boiler used in the building. It could include valve, wiring, and pilot assembly inspections and draining the tank to remove sediment. The manufacturer’s specifications are always followed to ensure the system continues to be safe and efficient. 

The Mechanical Inspection Bureau of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Compliance within the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has a set of pre-inspection checklists that should also be taken into account when an annual boiler service is done. 

Safety is a top priority for everyone at Tri-Tech Energy. Our boiler experts are available to perform annual boiler services, or support clients with our 24 hour emergency heating system service. Contact us today to discuss how we can help maintain your company’s commercial heating systems with annual boiler servicing or visit our website: