Commercial boilers are found in many public and industrial operations.  From multi-family homes, buildings and schools to manufacturing facilities and hotels.  These boilers may have been in service for many years or decades. As with any hard-working component, your commercial boiler will eventually need replacing. Common sense dictates that it’s best to install a new boiler before your facility suffers a breakdown but knowing exactly when to do that can be tricky. 

Here are some signs that it’s time to schedule a boiler replacement, from the commercial heating systems specialists at Tri-Tech Energy.

  • Old Age:
    Even with regular and expert maintenance, commercial boilers will eventually wear out or become obsolete.  
  • Noisy Operation:
    If you’re noticing loud or unusual noises from your boiler, it’s time to call in your local commercial heating systems team. It could be something as simple as a maintenance or repair job for a worn-out component. Or, it could mean that your commercial boiler is at the end of its lifespan and could break down completely. Either way, they’ll be able to properly examine your commercial boiler and advise you.
  • Boiler Leaks:
    Leaks are an especially important warning sign for your commercial boiler. Not only could it indicate that your boiler is about to fail, but it also makes boiler operation unsafe. Facilities managers should check for leaks regularly. And, if any are noticed, call in repair specialists as floods can be dangerous and cause significant damage to a building.
  • Inconsistent Heating:
    If tenants or clients are complaining about hot or cold spots, your commercial boiler may be heating your building unevenly. This is often the result of old age, as a worn-out boiler can’t keep up with demand or regulate temperature effectively.
  • High Energy Bills:
    As commercial boilers and heating systems age, they lose their efficiency and require more energy to output the required amount of heat. This can usually be detected in a sudden, unexplained increase in energy bills. While your commercial boiler may still be reliable, it’s a good idea to source a new, high-efficiency heating system as this will pay itself off quickly by using far less energy.

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