Commissioning commercial boiler systems is an essential step in ensuring that every component is installed and set up correctly to ensure optimal operational efficiency and safety. By going through this complex and comprehensive process, clients not only ensure that boiler safety and cost-effective operations are a priority, but that future maintenance and repairs are minimal.

Elements and Systems Tested in Boiler Commissioning

The central components checked in routine commissioning of commercial boiler systems include:

  • An air leakage test – Testing the functionality of pressure parts.
  • Hydro testing of the boiler – Testing of the boiler at 1.5 times the design pressure.
  • A gas distribution test – To ensure uniform flow.
  • Boiler light up test – Testing the full start-up sequence of the boiler, water quality, etc.
  • Testing of the readiness of boiler auxiliaries – Testing of fans, start-up burners, oil system, etc.
  • Coal firing – To confirm safe and efficient operation of the boiler.
  • Safety valve floating – To confirm the full working condition of the safety valves.
  • Steam blowing to test piping – Removal of any scale, loose material, metal fragments, etc. from the super heater, re-heater and piping from the manufacturing process.
  • Alkali boil-out and first stage passivation – Chemical cleaning.
  • Acid clean-out and second stage passivation – Chemical cleaning.

This process needs to be handled by experienced and qualified technicians to streamline the process and verify that the boiler system you have invested in is working as per the manufacturers specifications.

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