Modern commercial boiler systems are designed to minimize maintenance and optimize efficiency, but that doesn’t mean that they are maintenance-free. An annual checkup and preventative maintenance service will keep your system performing properly, take care of any normal wear-and-tear, and ensure that repair issues are taken care of before they become costly problems or shut down your system entirely. Here are some insights from a leading NJ commercial HVAC contractor.

What Should be Done in a Maintenance Check?

Your system’s maintenance check will be customized to your company’s needs, but generally it will include:

  • Checking for cracks, damage and water or steam leaks in the boiler and piping system.
  • Checking the burner and setting combustion with an analyzer.
  • Checking the system pressure to ensure it is operating correctly.
  • Checking of flue piping to ensure it is in good condition and is safely venting noxious exhaust gasses to the outdoors.
  • Testing of all safety devices, including interlocks to ensure safe boiler operation.

When is the Best Time of Year for Commercial Boiler Maintenance Checks?

Generally, businesses schedule this service for the summer months to ensure that the system is up and running well in time for the cold winter weather, but it can be done any time of year. Servicing your commercial boiler should happen around the same time each year or if you suspect that it is not operating as it should be.

Who Should Perform Commercial Boiler Maintenance Checks?

Commercial boiler systems are complex in nature and dangerous to work with, so this is not a job for DIY or a residential HVAC specialist. It’s best to call in an experienced commercial HVAC contractor who is trained and licensed to install, repair and service this equipment. Not only will this give you peace of mind that the job is done right, but professionals can also usually give you the best deals and affordable prices through competitive maintenance contracts.

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