As a building operations manager, one of your priorities is keeping running costs down without sacrificing the quality of your operations. If you’re noticing an unexpected spike in your building’s energy costs, this might be why:

  • Lack of preventative maintenance: When was the last time your commercial HVAC system or boiler was serviced? Buildings might be able to get away with missing a few services, but when the maintenance catches up it can be severe. These systems are very complex and can start taking serious strain without regular maintenance, causing increased running costs, reduced efficiency and poor output.
  • Your thermostat settings aren’t optimal: If your thermostat isn’t programmable or is set just a few degrees higher than it needs to be, you can expect a big increase in your energy bill. It’s a good idea to check these settings and consider getting a programmable thermostat for your heating systems and HVAC, as these give you far greater control over heating and cooling systems, including full customization for different seasons, times of the day, and zones.
  • Lack of building improvement: The design and condition of your building can make it more difficult to heat and cool the space. Deterioration or lack of sealing means systems have to work harder to resupply air as it leaks out of the building. Large windows can let in significant amounts of heat in summer and loose warmth in winter. If your building has recently been extended or remodeled, your heating and cooling systems may not be correctly sized for your new space and are likely working overtime to try and keep up, causing energy usage to go up and increased wear-and-tear on the system.

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