Augmented reality or short AR is not to be confused with virtual reality. In contrast to how VR creates a new world of sensuality in AR part of the surrounding environment is actually real in other words, AR adds layers of virtual objects to the real environment. The first AR technology was developed in 1968 at Harvard when computer scientist Ivan Sutherland created an AR head-mounted display system. However, AR only became popular when the game Pokemon go launched in 2016. Today, Lenovo Mirage, an ARS smartphone powered by AR lets you play as iconic heroes and engage in epic battles right in your living room. Besides gaming AR can be used to enhance both life and work. Lucas Devane from NASA Florida Space Grant consortium has claimed that they are looking forward to using AR to constantly keep track of the astronaut’s health while they are in space while big tech companies have also acknowledged the power that AR holds. 

What is Augmented Reality used for?

Google translates AR feature uses your smartphone’s camera to translate signs menus and similar items in real-time from one language to another. The functionalities of AR are being actively capitalized upon because of the fact that they project the images more clearly on your mobile screens. This is also the reason why an AR is the most common resource to rely on whenever a business is looking to establish easier work environments and cheaper facilities. AR contains useful tools to comply with their purposes in a series of professional fields such as health care manufacturing education but also facilities Management.AR devices are now being used to boost workers’ productivity they can operate different equipment the first time without prior training with this mechanism. The guidelines of training and instruction are introduced to smart devices through AR headsets. Thereby allowing a viewpoint from reality and an opportunity to touch the equipment to be used. Nevertheless, the biggest issue that is being worked upon right now is that data needs to be rendered at the very moment of decision making so that both images and information flow without lagging. The low latency properties of 5g offer promise to solve this problem. 

The future of facility managers

The world around us is digitizing at an exponential rate with new technologies and opportunities arising every day. Keeping up with new technology is one thing, but how do you transform promising technology into new ways of working which can be fully implemented in the organization. Augmented reality is a technology that enhances the user’s view of the real world through digital image information and holograms. This technology will have a substantial positive impact on the execution of lengthy and challenging maintenance tasks by guiding service engineers through such tasks using digital instructions, but how can you implement such an idea. 

The key is to start small with a single maintenance task. For this example, we take the maintenance of a sprinkler pump. First, the sprinkler pump installation is laser scanned in such a way that its geometry accessible for designing digital work instructions on a computer. Next, the entire workflow is carefully analyzed, and each possible outcome of the task is considered. Then instructions for each step are created and positioned at a convenient location for executing that specific step. Creating this is like developing a car in the early 1900’s everybody can see this change the world, but no one can oversee where it is heading. Finally, the instruction is tested extensively on-site by service engineers as a result.

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