Domestic hot water systems have a vital role to play in businesses, apartment buildings, and facilities across the state, especially in New Jersey winters. By supplying suitably hot water on demand at a temperature optimal for energy-efficiency and the prevention of Legionella bacteria, these systems ensure that guests, tenants, and staff stay happy and healthy all year round. There are many different types of domestic hot water systems, all with different advantages and applications. Here, our NJ commercial heating systems specialists take a look at the benefits of hot water reticulation systems.

Improving Energy Savings, Comfort, Health, and Safety 

Domestic hot water reticulation systems are all about keeping hot water moving through the system at all times, which requires an electrical pump system. While this is an initial expense, there are very efficient pumps available. And, the result is that operating costs are generally still lower than pumping water from a central heating system that wastes water and energy in the process of arriving at the faucet.

With a reticulation system, the water in the faucet is already at the right temperature – no need to let it run for minutes or even seconds while you wait. This is a fantastic feature that improves comfort for residents and guests while improving energy savings for your facility. Not only is water saved, but electricity is saved too as not as much water has to be pumped to the upper floors. 

Because the water is constantly circulated, water doesn’t arrive too hot either.  This is a common problem in buildings with old plumbing, where pipes get clogged and oversized water heaters compensate to result in higher temperatures at the delivery point which has resulted in scalding.

This system is also very effective at preventing bacteria growth like Legionella. The reason for this is that the bacteria thrive in warm, stagnant water often found in old piping and plumbing. In a reticulation system, the water is not only constantly on the move, but it is also kept at a consistent temperature throughout the system, which makes it difficult for bacteria to grow. Most reticulation systems are also fitted with additional domestic hot water control systems, ensuring the water in the system is kept between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, then mixed with cold water before being delivered to the faucet to ensure the most comfortable and safe temperature.

Domestic Hot Water System Installation, Maintenance, and Upgrades in NJ 

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